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Essential Elements of PR

Successful pr relies on understanding of mission, audience, message_,andmdia. Mission: What are the goals of the organization? What are its plans and its programs? What is the evidence that it has accomplished prior goals? Audience: Who are the people on whose actions the organization depends for success? Intemal audiences include staff and volunteers. Extemal audiences: donors, kindred non-profit organizations, coaporate partners, and government agencies. Message: To motivate each audience, answer this question: How does engaging with our organization benefit them? Knowing each audience and their desires allows creation of simple statements encourages each to act in your best interests. Media: Audiences are_motivated by media they have come to trust. Leaders of business, government, funding agencies, civic EE and non-profit organizations, and educational and religious institutions tend to rely on traditional print and broadcast media. Increasingly the general public gathers information from social media. However word of mouth -what your friends tell you -is the most trusted media. Thus everyone associated with an Eil Organization is a communicator.